Movie review: The Dark Knight Rises


So obviously this is probably the biggest movie release of the year: a film I have been waiting for ever since I saw the Joker’s amazing warpaint for the first time in The Dark Knight. It was always going to be epic, so I thought I better not attempt a review till I had seen it a few times. After 4 days, 3 viewings, 2L of coke and a fuck-tonne of Pop-Corn I think I can attempt it.

Now, I am assuming not everyone has seen this film so I will try and give a decent plot summary without spoiling anything…

We return to Gotham 8 years after Harvey Dent’s ‘murder’ and the city is free of organised crime thanks to a clever bit of law making called the Dent Act that prevents criminals linked to organised crime from making bail. A big dude called Bane comes in and starts fucking with everyone’s shit. Bane is an animal trapped in a giant man’s body. Bane does something that could end in Gotham’s demise, forcing Bruce Wayne to don the Batman costume and fight injustice once more. Some stuff happens, Anne Hathaway is a babe for a bit, some people yell, you struggle to understand anything Bane says, then the credits roll. 

That is pretty much all I can say re: plot.

TDKR is as close to a perfect ending to a saga as I have seen. It is just brilliant. I loved Tom Hardy as Bane, like seriously: the dude is amazing, and Anne Hathaway blew me away as Selina Kyle… She was just so. damn. sexy. The story was great, with very few plot holes that can be pointed out, and even the ones I found were so minor I feel like a dick just indicating their existence. 

It was always inevitable that the film would be compared to The Dark Knight, and when they are placed next to each other I would probably say TDK is better due to the sheer terrifying nature of Heath Ledger’s Joker, but if you take TDKR for it’s cinematic merits and the quality story I honestly feel it blows it predecessor out of the water.  As, as Marc Fennel said “the movies have never been about one character… it is about the battle for Gotham’s soul” and I think that is absolutely true. TDKR was all about the fight for collective soul of the people of Gotham. 

I give The Dark Knight Rises 8.5/10 (possibly 9, shit I still don’t know. Fuck).

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